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The best moment to start your driver instruction? Now! Our academy provide top-quality driving lessons accessible on the internet! Check out our photos from the classroom and check it out what you think. Our experienced teachers You can rest assured that you’ll get the most effective education you could ever receive. For more information, call us at 6019 schedule a session or click here for registration on line.

Do you want to begin your new job or increase your driving ability? These courses will help you achieve both! We have a variety of options for classes to allow you to pick the most suitable one for you. In addition, for a short duration, we’ll offer an exclusive offer – four months of complimentary parking in The Columbus Business Center, valued at $33! Save now to begin your process towards becoming a proficient driver.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused, however it’s important for students to contact the instructors before leaving or entering the class. We value your safety! Don’t be afraid to contact us at (303) 354-8277. We’re available to assist to make sure that you enjoy an enjoyable and successful learning experience.


Discover Our Open Classes Today! We are available to assist you. Are you from Columbus, OH 43035? We’re excited to help you with the process of stepping into the world of driving. Call us at CITA303-654-8277 for further information!

Only the Best Instructors

In our academy, we offer top-of-the-line training to our students. We put our money into our instructors to ensure that you receive the most effective education you can get. Our knowledgeable and experienced instructors will assist you in becoming an experienced and confident driver.

A Full Range of Classes

Pick from our variety of classes designed to satisfy every need. No matter if you’re a newbie or an experienced driver, we’ve got you covered. best class for you. From instructor-led classes to online training and more, we have a complete program to make sure you get top-quality instruction.

Do you want to learn the details about our school as well as the courses we provide? Go this link to go to our site and learn more!

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. However, be aware access to some areas of our website is only able to be made by appointment. Contact us at 780-832-6509 for an appointment.

About Us

For more than 23 years, Lewis Pike Driving Academy is the driving school that is preferred by Columbus residents. Columbus community. We are proud of our standing as the most reputable driver training school for the region. Our instructors are committed in helping our students develop into secure and competent drivers.

Reduce time and costs by enrolling in our school. Benefit from our exclusive promotions and discount. We also have gift certificates available that are perfect for every occasion!

Don’t hesitate any longer to begin your journey toward being a proficient driver. Contact us today by calling 6019 Lewis Pike to sign up to take our classes that are open to the public. We’ll thank you for it!

It is important to note that our academy is located within the Grande Shopping Center. Parking is readily available, and the entrance and exit can be reached via Lewis Pike. If you require more details, phone us at (847) 762-5887 or drop by our school.

Explore Our Wide Range

Explore Our Classes Open Today Explore the vast array of classes we have in our school. If you’re just starting out or a seasoned driver, there’s a course for you.

Our academy are proud to serve our students with the best possible service. We have therefore chosen only the most skilled instructors that are committed to aiding you in becoming a safer and competent driver. We are confident that if you select our company, you’re making the correct decision.

Why Choose Our Academy?

1. High-Quality Classes: Our courses are top-quality and will provide you with the highest quality driver education available.

2. The classes are accessible: They are accessible at the convenience of your house, which allows learners to take their time learning at their personal time.

3. It’s easy: With our flexible timetables, you’ll be able to attend your class at a time that’s most suitable for your schedule.

4. Professionally trained instructors Our instructors have many several years of experience. They will give you the experience and expertise to make you proficient driver.

Invest in Your Future

Don’t hesitate any longer to get started on your path towards becoming an experienced driver. When you enroll in our driving academy, you’re investing into the future of your career. By obtaining our certificate you’ll be equipped with the skills to succeed when it comes to driving.

Take the right decision and sign up now to an open class. We are looking forward to helping you meet your goal of driving.

Contact us for an appointment at 6019-43035 or 780-832-609 for an appointment to be scheduled today!

Join Our Community

We thank you for selecting the safe and trustworthy driving school! In Open Classes Today, we apologize for any inconveniences caused in accessing our website or taking online classes. If you require assistance immediately do not hesitate to contact us by phone at 303-654-8277.

Our experienced instructors will ensure that you’ll be able to begin your path toward becoming a proficient driver. We have a wide range of learning options that fit your timetable, regardless of whether you’re looking for in-person training or video-based online courses. Every course is designed to allow you to learn at your own speed and maximize the value of your learning.

Why Choose Us?

  • Professional and secure instructors
  • The convenience of class alternatives
  • All ages are welcome.
  • Flexible training schedule
  • Lessons one-on-one when needed

How to Get Started

  1. We can be reached at 303-654-8277 for more information or to schedule your appointment.
  2. Join us at our academy in 780-832-6509 Pike Columbus, OH
  3. Make sure you fill in the appropriate documents
  4. Get started with your training by our highly skilled instructors.

If you select Open Classes Today, you do not just get the most effective instruction in driving, but you also become an integral part of our community. We strive to help every pupil become a safe and safe driver. Join us today and let us help you towards the success you deserve!

Be aware that all students need to have an active driver’s license or permit in order to attend classes. Parking is provided in our parking area. There are gift certificates offered, allowing you to present the gift of safe driving to the people you love. Do not wait any longer and Call us at (303) 354-8277 to schedule an appointment now!

We thank you for your choice of Open Classes Today!

Experience Our Outstanding Quality

Our driving school is a great place to learn. we know that selecting the best place to begin your driving education is an important choice. This is why we provide you with unparalleled quality of instruction and support.

Our highly experienced instructors are available to assist you in learning the essential skills needed to be the safest and most confident driver. All of our instructors are well-trained and certified, which means that you’re assured you’re in safe and in good hands.

If you decide to enroll in the driving academy we offer, you’ll get the opportunity to choose from a variety of learning options. Open classes are offered for novices and more experienced drivers If you’re just beginning your journey or want to enhance your driving capabilities, we’ve got the right course for you.

Our modern training center has the most up-to-date technology as well as a fleet of vehicles, which means you’ll be able to learn how driving in a safe and relaxed setting. Our staff understands that parking can be a source of worry for a lot of students. That’s the reason we offer plenty of parking available both at the entry and exit points of our centre.

We sincerely apologize for any issues. If you would like to speed up the process you can choose to set up an appointment. Click here to make an appointment or dial 780-832-6509. It is possible to begin your course earlier and get on the road within a matter of minutes.

In our driving school, we do not just focus on assisting you to get your driver’s license as well as instilling safety-conscious driving behaviors. We are convinced that making the effort to improve your driving skills today will help you become an improved and safer driver in the near future.

In recognition of our customers We also provide gifts certificates to our driver’s education courses. These make great gifts for any person in your life that needs to be taught how to drive, or enhance their driving abilities.

Then why should you to put off? Find out the exceptional high-quality of our driving school now. Make a call at 780-832-6510 or use the button to schedule your appointment at 303-654-8277. We’re here to help to become a safe and competent driver!



What’s included what is included in what is included in the “Discover Our Open Classes Today; Video” package?

The “Discover Our Open Classes Today; Video” package provides access to an assortment of videos covering a range of subjects.

What is the duration of the videos that are included in the “Discover Our Open Classes Today; Video” package?

The length of video lessons included in the “Discover Our Open Classes Today; Video” package can be different, but typically they span from 30 minutes up or 1 hour.

Are there any videos of the classes included within the “Discover Our Open Classes Today; Video” package?

The video courses included in the “Discover Our Open Classes Today; Video” package can only be streamed on the internet. The classes cannot be downloaded.

Do I require any specific hardware or software to be able to view the videos that are included in the “Discover Our Open Classes Today; Video” package?

You don’t require special hardware or software to view the classes on video included in the “Discover Our Open Classes Today; Video” package. They can be streamed on the internet using your browser.

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